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change of name in gazette of india delhi

What is Name Change?

Name change generally refers to changing one’s name, adding initials or even just one letter is regular or the legal act by a person of adopting a new name different from their name at birth, marriage or adoption

How to Apply for Government Gazette for change of name officially in Delhi

In INDIA any individual has the freedom & Right to Change the Name legally, Currently changing Name is very common in India due to any of the following reasons :
1 Middle / Surname Name Change for Women due to Marriage for Women
2  Change of Name after Divorcee for Women
3 Change of Name of women or Child after Mother’s Remarriage ( Due to Ex spouse Death / Divorce / Deserted )
4 Correcting spelling Mistakes in existing Name
5 Name Change due to Adoption
6 Name Changing Due to Numerology or Astrology
7 Name Change due to Change of religion
8 Name Change due to Change of Gender
9  Name change due to existing Name Would be miss spelled or u Feel Embarrassing etc


  • Either husband
  • Wife 
  • Family Member anyone can change his or her name at any stage of life

Once you change your name its mandatory to announce it publicly and update in all the existing documents. In order to change the names we needs to obtain the gazette notification for the name change announcing it publicly. Gazette is a public journal & an authorized legal document Published by the government, and it hold good validity legally to your name change as it’s published by the Government. In case of updating your New Name / or changing your name in the any of the documents like Pancard / Aadhar Card / Voter ID / Passport / School Records / Insurance Policies / Property Papers / Birth Certificate / Employment Records etc issued by any Governmental / Semi Governmental / Public Sector / Bank / Educational Institutes etc one needs to submit Gazette notification for Name Change.



  • Address proof - the Electricity bill, Water bill, rent agreement.
  • Photo - A passport size photo is required.r
  • Marriage certificate (If any)
  • Affidavits (If any)
  • Divorce papers (If any)
  • Age proof (Birth certificate if minor)
  • New name you want
One needs to Follow all the proper rules and procedure to get your gazette notification done for Name change legally, There are 3 Mandate steps needs to be complied for getting it done.


Step 1 : Make Affidavit

The first step is to make an Affidavit for change of your name in local Notary. Kindly Make a Simple format mentioning the Old Name & New Name , Basic Details ,therein mention your specific reason for changing your name. Get it notarized by the Advocate Notary.

Step 2 : Publication of Change of Name Advertisement in Newspapers.

After the Step 1 , the other important step is Publishing the Advertisement of your Change of Name.
But the advertisement has to be published in two languages. One in a major circulated English daily and another in any Vernacular daily of your choice. Contact the Newspaper Advertisement agency or office Along with the Affidavit copy for verification. In case of online Request , Fax or Email the Scan copy of Affidavit .
The text for the change of Name Advertisement is very simple and common.

Step 3 : Applying for Gazette Notification of Name Change:

Obtain the Change of name form from the state government press which is free of cost;
kindly submit the form after duly filled with Old name & New Name, Address etc. along with required documents
Pay the requisite fee.
After the publication collect the government gazette copy and preserve it .For any further reference submit the true copies of the relevant Pages of the Gazette.